Water is life. Sanitation is dignity!

Lack of toilet kills

Our fight against hygiene and sanitation. In Kinshasa, millions of inhabitants make their need in deplorable sanitary conditions.

Environmental problems

The waste left in the streets and the markets of Kinshasa contributes to the ecological degradation of the environment.


Awareness and training in schools, colleges and universities.


Thanks to your support we will be able to build them sanitary, hygienic and sustainable infrastructures. If you wish to invest in the project or become a partner, contact the team directly on


Stay Clean is a Swiss association of international non-profit solidarity organized corporately within the meaning of articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. It collects funds from public authorities, foundations and individuals.

Almost all of these funds are allocated to projects carried out on site, administrative costs being extremely low. The association is active in the areas of development, awareness and recovery of organic waste.


The aim of the association is to come to the aid of destitute populations, mainly in Africa. Stay Clean sets up social and humanitarian projects with its local partners with the aim of promoting the development of beneficiaries and strengthening their dignity and autonomy.

She provides social assistance without distinction of ethnic origin, gender, religion or political opinion. Stay Clean pursues its goals in the areas of sanitation, hygiene and education. She is currently working in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Kinshasa.

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The foundation of our actions is solidarity with the most vulnerable people. We also aim to promote a climate of mutual aid between the beneficiaries themselves and within the communities with which we work. In problem solving, we look for innovative, sustainable and replicable solutions.

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Our approach promotes the autonomy of the final beneficiaries by making them agents of change, for a real exit from poverty. We favor the involvement of local human resources for the implementation of projects, by strengthening their technical and leadership skills.

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Stay Clean is an organization on a human scale, favoring a close relationship with its partners and beneficiaries. In the field, we emphasize a participatory approach with the beneficiaries, which translates into local responsibility.


Help improve access to sanitation, significantly reduce open defecation, infant morbidity and improve the well-being of populations, especially women and children, through the construction of blocks sanitary facilities.


In order to meet the needs of women, young girls and the rest of the population, we are building sustainable and hygienic health infrastructures.


We carry out socio-sanitary diagnostics which aim, in particular, to identify the risky behavior of residents in terms of hygiene.


Provide keys to understanding the problems linked to lack of hygiene for collective awareness.


Establish adequate waste management through organic recycling activities and increasing citizen awareness of environmental heritage.

We need your help! 1 in 3 women in the world do not have a private toilet.

Donate to help young girls and women in the Congo in their fight for their emancipation and autonomy.

Girls in Congo without a decent toilet at school or near their homes have to defecate in the open or use unsafe, unhygienic toilets often shared with boys. In addition to the health risks it presents, this situation is uncomfortable and embarrassing and girls are threatened. verbal and even physical attacks. Often to avoid this they refrain from eating and drinking during the day and it is therefore difficult for them to concentrate in class. When they start to get their period girls are more likely to miss class or drop out of school if the premises do not have a decent toilet.

In sub-Saharan Africa, one in ten girls misses class during her period.


The aim of this project is to improve the hygiene conditions of the populations in the market. Indeed, the city of Kinshasa is one of the most populated cities of sub-aerial Africa with a great delay in the field of hygienic and hydraulic infrastructures.

Stay Clean Association - Social Innovation

Contribute to improving access to sanitation, significantly reducing open defecation, child morbidity and improving the well-being of populations, especially that of women and children, through the construction of blocks sanitary sanitary facilities.

ational DDC & Seco competition winner - 2019

Stay Clean sets up, with its local partners, projects of a strictly social and humanitarian nature with the aim of promoting the development of the beneficiaries, the strengthening of their dignity and their autonomy.
1st prize “Best Idea Project” du concours «Together we’re better»

Kinshasa the lack of improved toilets - TV5

In Kinshasa the majority of the inhabitants do not have access to "improved toilets".
World Toilet Day according to the UN, November 19.

Stay clean wins the second Diaspora and Development Prize 2020

Kinshasa the lack of drinking water a sad reality.


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